Car Prank Kit

$ 16.95

Aren't you tired of that jerk that thinks he has the greatest car or truck in the world?

You know the one that washes and waxes his vehicle every week to show it off on the weekends.

WELL......we have assembled some of the funniest auto pranks on the planet.

All six of these gags have been carefully selected so you can goof with the GOOF!


Car Prank Kit includes:

BARFume - Takes that new car smell right out. Smells just like someone puked.
Cigarette Burn - Place on the seat and it looks like a hole was burned.
Exhaust Whistle - Place in the exhaust pipe and wait for the fun to begin. Whistles, pops and a host of other weird sounds. 
Bullet Holes - Place anywhere on your vehicle for that drive-by affect.
Fake Parking Ticket - Looks like the real thing. Just fill out the back.
Shock Car Remote - "Hey, can you get my jacket in the car?" Here is my remote. When they press the wrong button to open the vehicle....ZZZzzap!