Exhaust Whistle

$ 4.95

The Perfect Prank for Car Enthusiasts! Are you looking for a fun and mischievous way to tease your car-loving friend? Look no further than the Exhaust Whistle! This ingenious device fits effortlessly into the tailpipe of any vehicle, and once the engine starts, it unleashes an irritating whistling sound that will drive your friend bonkers. What sets the Exhaust Whistle apart is its ability to intensify the whistling noise as the engine rpm's increase. So, whether your friend is revving up their engine or simply driving around town, the obnoxious sound will only get louder, making it impossible to ignore. But why stop there? With its easy installation and durable design, the Exhaust Whistle is perfect for pranking not only your friends but also family members, colleagues, or anyone with a sense of humor (or annoyance)!