Horror Prank Kit

$ 16.95

Introducing our terrifying Horror Prank Kit - the ultimate collection of spine-chilling gags to send shivers down the spines of your unsuspecting family and friends. With nine different hair-raising pranks packed into one kit, get ready to unleash a wave of terror like never before! Included in this bone-chilling collection are:

- Black Blood Capsules (Zombie Blood) - Create realistic zombie blood effects that will leave everyone gasping in horror.

- Blood Soap - Transform ordinary hand washing into a frightful experience with this blood-red soap.

- Blood Capsules - Fool your loved ones into thinking they've been injured with these convincing blood capsules.

- Funny Eyeballs - Watch as your victims squirm in fear when they stumble upon these creepy eyeballs.

- Tube of Blood - Delve into the world of macabre illusions with this realistic tube of blood for spine-tingling pranks.

- Horrible Finger - Shock your friends with this gruesome severed finger that looks eerily real.

- Instant Worms - Give your friends a creepy crawly surprise when added to their drinks with these lifelike instant worms.

- Nail Thru Finger - Watch as jaws drop when you make it seem like a nail has punctured your finger.