Magicians Pro Trick Card Deck Special

$ 16.95

Get all four.... Blank, Marked, Svengali and Tapered Decks at one fantastic price.

Blank Deck..... Similar in construction to a Svengali Deck with staggered short and normal cards. The Blank Deck has one very unusual difference. You can magically transform it from a normal printed deck to all blank cards. 

Marked Deck... They'll think you have Magic X-Ray vision. You'll be able to predict the value of any card held in the other persons hand. Once you know the secret.

Svengali Deck.... The deck is a combination of normal cards and shortened cards. The shortened cards are all the same number and suit. When the deck is riffled front to back, only the normal cards are visible. When it is riffled back to front, only the shortened cards are visible. Amazing deck for performing what appear to be complex tricks.

Tapered Deck..... Allows you to control the main location of a card or a group of cards easily. Even after being shuffled into the deck you'll be able to cut to a selected card.

Instructions included with each deck of cards.