Practical Joke Kit 2

$ 9.95

Introducing our Practical Joke Kit 2 - the ultimate collection of classic pranks designed to bring endless laughter to your family and friends. With five carefully selected pranks, this kit is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and unforgettable memories.

First up, we have the Disappearing Ink prank. Watch as the ink magically disappears before their eyes, leaving your unsuspecting victim in awe and confusion. This timeless prank is perfect for any occasion and guarantees a good laugh.

Next on the list is the Burst Soap prank. Imagine their surprise when they go to use the soap and it bursts into a hilarious mess of foam! This prank is sure to leave everyone in stitches, and it's a classic trick that never gets old.

Then, we have the Fart Whistle prank. This one speaks for itself - a simple whistle that produces a realistic fart sound. Just imagine the hilarious reactions you'll get from your friends and family when they hear this unexpected noise.

Up next is the Smelly Feet Treats prank. Pop a piece of this seemingly harmless candy into your victim's mouth, and watch as they experience a surprising burst of nasty flavor. 

Last but not least, we have the Itch Powder prank. Sprinkle a little of this special powder on your target, and watch them squirm and scratch their way through the prank. It's a trick that will have everyone itching for a good laugh.