Practical Joke Kit 3

$ 9.95

Looking for a fun and memorable way to liven up family gatherings or entertain your friends? Our Practical Joke Kit 3 is guaranteed to bring laughter and amusement to any occasion. With a carefully curated collection of five classic pranks and tricks, you'll be the master prankster among your circle.

One of the highlights of this prank kit is the infamous Rattlesnake Eggs. These deceptively harmless-looking eggs will startle anyone who dares to open the package, as they unleash a surprising and realistic rattle sound. Watch as your unsuspecting victims jump in shock!

Prepare for endless laughs with our Shock Gum. Disguised as a regular pack of gum, this clever contraption delivers a harmless but hilarious electric shock to anyone brave enough to take a piece. It's the perfect way to catch your friends off guard and witness their comical reactions.

Next up is our Squirt Ring – a classic prank that never fails to entertain. This innocent-looking ring holds a secret water reservoir, allowing you to squirt an unexpected and refreshing splash of water on anyone within reach. Be prepared for some priceless and wet moments!

For the ultimate gross-out effect, our Fake Cockroaches are the perfect choice. These lifelike critters are expertly crafted to mimic the appearance of real cockroaches, sending shivers down the spines of your unsuspecting victims. Place them strategically to provoke hilarious reactions that will have everyone in stitches.

Last but not least, we have included the timeless and beloved Whoopee Cushion in our Practical Joke Kit 3. Filled with endless possibilities for comedic timing, this classic prank never gets old. Simply hide it under a seat, and wait for the perfect moment to trigger uproarious laughter with its unmistakable fart sound.