Prankster 3 Pack - Fart Itch Belch Powder

$ 9.95

Looking to bring some light-hearted mischief and endless amusement to your social gatherings and get-togethers? Look no further than our Prankster 3 Pack - Fart, Itch, & Belch Powder. This incredible pack combines three of the greatest classic pranks into one irresistible collection, bound to drive your family and friends crazy with laughter.

First up, we have the infamous Itch Powder. With just a sprinkle of this devilish concoction, you can cause immediate and intense itching for your unsuspecting victims. Perfect for adding an extra element of surprise to clothes, bedding, or even sleeping bags. Watch as your friends squirm and scratch, desperately trying to find relief from the relentless itchiness.

Next in line is our Belch Powder - the ultimate beverage prank. This clever powder can be effortlessly mixed into someone's drink, unnoticed. Then, sit back and wait as the burping symphony begins. It's the perfect way to add a touch of comedic chaos to any gathering. Trust us, the reactions will be priceless.

And finally, our fan-favorite Fart Powder. Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned, side-splitting fart sound? With just a packet of our special Fart Powder, you can easily turn your victim's hot drink or food into an epic noise machine. The suspense will be unbearable as you patiently await the eruption of laughter that ensues.