Prankster 4 Pack

$ 10.95

Are you ready to take your pranking game to the next level? Look no further! We have carefully curated and combined FOUR of the most entertaining and unforgettable pranks in our Prankster 4 Pack. Get ready to bring joy and laughter to your friends, family, and colleagues with these hilarious and clever tricks.

1. Fart Powder: Prepare to create uproarious laughter with this timeless classic. Sprinkle a dash of our specially formulated Fart Powder and watch as the room fills with hilarious, but harmless, odors. Perfect for birthday parties, office pranks, or any social gathering where a good laugh is essential.

2. Itch Powder: Take mischief to new heights with our Itch Powder. Just a pinch is enough to induce a mild, but relentless, itching sensation that will leave your victims scratching their heads in bewilderment. Ideal for practical jokes, pranking your siblings, or setting up hilarious surprises during movie nights.

3. Belch Powder: Want to turn heads and bring the house down with laughter? Our Belch Powder is the perfect accompaniment for those who want to embrace their inner comedian. Simply mix with a beverage, hand it to an unsuspecting friend, and let the hilarity ensue as they struggle to control uncontrollable belches. An absolute crowd-pleaser and party favorite!

4. Gelling Joke: Looking for a prank that will leave everyone puzzled and entertained? Our Gelling Joke is the ultimate trick up your sleeve. Simply add a small amount of this gel to your friend's shampoo, toothpaste, or hand sanitizer, and watch as it magically transforms into an unexpected, hilarious, and gooey mess. A guaranteed conversation starter and a prank that will keep on giving laughs for days.