Shock Prank Special

$ 14.95

Our Shock Prank Special is designed to provide you with endless laughter and excitement. Each item in this incredible bundle has been carefully selected to ensure maximum shock value.

First up, we present the Shock Lighter. This seemingly innocent lighter packs a surprising punch that will leave your friends jumping out of their seats. It's the perfect way to spark some fun and keep everyone on their toes.

Next, we have the Shock Pen. With its sleek design and convincing appearance, this pen offers an unexpected twist. Watch your friends' reactions as they try to write with it, only to receive a harmless but thrilling shock.

Lastly, we include the Shock Gum. This innocent-looking pack of gum conceals a secret surprise. Imagine your friends' faces as they eagerly reach for a piece, only to experience a mild electric shock. It's a prank that will have everyone in fits of laughter.