Shock Special

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Five of your best selling shock pranks in one fantastic offer. Here is what you'll get:

Shock Book: Lay this on the table or hand it to one of your friends. As soon as someone opens the book.... ZZzzaap!

Shock Gum: Offer a piece to anyone and when they try to pull the gum from the pack... ZZzzaap!

Shock Pistol: Looks like a harmless toy pistol that acts like a flashlight but when they pull the trigger they get zapped. Only you know the secret that activates the flashlight.

Shock Key Chain: A simple light is attached to the key chain but with one difference. The light has two buttons on it. Press the wrong one and ZZzzaap! The other activates a red light.

Shock Pen: You know what to do with this! Need a pen? Here, use mine. When they press the button on the top ZZzzaap!

*Batteries are not included with the Shock Book