Smelly Prank Kit

$ 5.95

Introducing our exclusive Smelly Prank Kit - perfect for pranksters who want to create unforgettable moments! This comprehensive kit is specially designed to grab someone's attention and leave them in fits of laughter, or perhaps, slight despair. Get ready to unleash an unforgettable stench upon your unsuspecting friends or co-workers! Included in our Smelly Prank Kit are an impressive assortment of pranks that will ensure maximum effectiveness. Brace yourself for an uproarious onslaught with the following items:

1. (12) Fart Bombs: Prepare for a symphony of flatulence as you set off these classic prank bombs. Each bomb is expertly crafted to release a pungent odor, guaranteed to clear any room within seconds. Watch their bewilderment and, perhaps, amusement as the stench fills their surroundings.

2. (3) Boxes of Stink Bombs: Elevate your pranking game with these potent stink bombs. Each box contains a carefully concocted blend of odorous substances that will produce an overwhelming stench once activated. These powerful bombs are the epitome of olfactory torture and are sure to create unforgettable memories.