Smelly Prank Kit v2.0

$ 18.95

Whether you're planning a prank-filled gathering or simply want to liven up a dull moment, the Smelly Prank Kit v2.0 is your ultimate go-to. This kit is perfect for pranking friends, family members, or unsuspecting colleagues. Let the laughter fill the air as you unleash the olfactory assault of our top-notch prank items. What's Included:

1. Liquid Ass: Get ready to create a lasting impression with this powerful and pungent liquid. Just a few sprays of this scent are enough to leave a lasting impact and have everyone searching for the source of the foul smell.

2. Fake Poop: Take your pranks to a whole new level of realism with our incredibly lifelike fake poop. Perfect for fooling even the most skeptical individuals, this prank item will surely evoke hilarious reactions.

3. Stink Bombs (3 boxes): Ready to spread some stinky chaos? Our Stink Bombs are here to do just that! Simply break the ampoule and watch as the foul odor fills the area, leaving a long-lasting impression on everyone around.

4. Stink Perfume: This specially formulated perfume will give you the power to leave a trail of stench wherever you go. Discreetly spray it around and observe as people desperately try to escape the nauseating smell.

5. Fart Bombs (10): Want to bring the element of surprise and laughter to your pranks? Our Fart Bombs are perfect for that! Simply activate one, hide it, and wait for the hilarious sound effects to fill the air.