Smoker Prank Kit

$ 15.95

Are you tired of your friends constantly lighting up and blowing smoke in your face? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Our Smoker Prank Kit is specially designed to help you give those annoying smoking friends of yours a taste of their own medicine.

What's included:

1. Cigarette Burn - Watch as your friend's cigarette mysteriously starts to burn faster than they can react. This realistic prank item will have them scrambling to put it out.

2. Smelly Feet Treats - They taste nasty just as bad as the name... YUCK!

3. Fake Puff Cigar - Fool your smoking friends into thinking that they've found a new way to indulge. This realistic-looking cigar will have them experiencing confusion like never before.

4. Shock Lighter - Just when they thought they were lighting their cigarette, a harmless but surprising shock will leave them startled and bewildered.

5. Squirt Cigarette - Sit back and enjoy the show as your friends get a surprise splash when they try to light up. This prank item will leave them dripping wet and questioning their smoking choices.

6. Squirt Lighter - Turn their own lighter against them with this clever prank item. Each attempt to ignite their cigarette will result in a surprising squirt of water, leaving them frustrated and soaked.

7. Stink Cigarette Loads - Load a few in a cigarette and the stand back as the nasty smell fills the air.