Spy Kit

$ 16.95

We have assembled seven crazy spy items for that funny sneaky person. Loaded with fun:

Spy Glasses: So now you'll have eyes in the back of your head. These will allow you to see what's behind you.

Secret Message Pen: Write an invisible message and only you know how someone can read it.

Spy Mirror: Now you'll be able to look around corners... OH WHAT!

Shock Gun: Let someone take the gun from you and when they pull the trigger.... ZZzzap!

Disappearing Ink: The perfect distraction. Spray on your victims shirt and watch their reaction.

Body Outline Kit: Just like a true detective. Outline the body of the victim and put up caution tape.

Blood Capsules: To fake an injury or fight. Place in your mouth, bite down and drool. Looks just like the real deal.