Starter Magic Kit 3

$ 17.95

We have assembled another set of five amazing magic tricks:

Coloring Mini Book Of Magic -  Show a uncolored coloring book and with a wave of your hand every page is now colored. Wave your hand over the book again and every page is blank.

Curved Illusion - Two different colored cards that appear to be the same size until you hold them side by side. One now appears larger than the other. Switch them and the one that was larger is now smaller. Great Illusion!

Mystic Smoke - Place a small amount between your fingers, rub them together and quickly pull them a part. Smoke magically floats from your finger tips.

Sponge Balls - The magic happens in their hands! One ball become two and than three and four. Simple & easy to learn.

Stoplight Cards - Make a colored dot jump from one card to the next. Amazing & simple trick to learn.

Complete instructions included with every trick.