Starter Prank Kit 4

$ 18.95

The latest addition to our line of Starter Prank Kits is the new Starter Prank Kit 4. Loaded with even more pranks for the serious jokester.  Keep your friends and family on their toes with our new gag kit.


(5) Bomb Bags - These will get everyone's attention... POP!

Fake Bed Bugs - Sprinkle some of these in a friends bed and watch what happens.

Fake Beer - Just mix in a glass of water and serve it to the beer drinker in the house. Looks real but tastes like dish washing soap.

(2) Fake Lottery Tickets- You know what to do with these.

Itch Powder - Just sprinkle a little down the back of someone's shirt.

Party Snaps - Drive the cat and dog crazy. Throw these little things on the ground and "POP". 

Potato Gun - Send your friends scrambling with our Potato Gun. Harmless fun and all you need is a potato for ammunition. Shoots 50 feet!

Smelly Feet Treats - They taste just like they sound... NASTY!

Spilled Ketchup/Mustard Packet - Full your mom when you lay this on the dinner table.

Stepped in Doo - Attaches to the side of your shoe and looks like you stepped in dog poop.