Tease Your Boyfriend Prank Kit

$ 17.95

Loaded with everything you'll need to drive your boyfriend nuts. Nine different crazy pranks that will definitely get his attention.

Bandaged Finger: Scare him into thinking you badly cut your finger.

Car Exhaust Whistle: Place this inside his tail pipe and he'll think somethings wrong with his car.

Fake Beer: Mix in water. Looks just like beer but tastes like dish soap... YUCK!

Fake Poop: Looks just like the real thing and the possibilities are endless.

Fake Parking Violation: Nothing like a parking ticket to send him over the edge.

Fake Pregnancy Test: The ultimate get back prank to see what he is really made of.

Shock Pen: The classic got yea prank. 

Pepper Gum: Brings your friends to TEARS!

Stink Bombs: Tired of him farting and stinking up the room? Now, it's your turn to get him back.