Tease Your Boyfriend Prank Kit

$ 17.95

Loaded with everything you'll need to drive your boyfriend nuts. Ten different crazy pranks that will definitely get his attention.

Bomb Bags (5): Scare him good with these noisemakers.

Car Exhaust Whistle: Place this inside his tail pipe and he'll think somethings wrong with his car.

Disappearing Ink: Squirt some of this on his favorite shirt and watch his reaction. Looks so real but when it dries it disappears.

Fake Beer: Mix in water. Looks just like beer but tastes like dish soap... YUCK!

Fake Lottery Tickets: Mix one of these with a few real tickets and watch the fun. As soon as he scratches the fake ticket he'll scream with joy. Until he reads the back or tries to cash it in.

Fake Poop: Looks just like the real thing and the possibilities are endless.

Fake Parking Violation: Nothing like a parking ticket to send him over the edge.

Shock Pen: The classic got yea prank. 

Stink Bombs: Tired of him farting and stinking up the room? Now, it's your turn to get him back.

Smelly Feet Treats: All we can say is they taste nasty.