Tease Your Girlfriend Prank Kit

$ 17.95

Are you ready to take your prank game to the next level? Look no further because we've got the perfect solution for you. Our Tease Your Girlfriend Prank Kit is packed with 10 insanely hilarious pranks that will have your girlfriend screaming, laughing, and maybe even plotting her revenge. Trust us, this is the ultimate entertainment for guys who love to drive their girlfriends over the edge.

First up, we have the infamous Bar Bug. Just drop this little creepy crawler into her drink and prepare for the ultimate scream fest. It's guaranteed to make her jump out of her seat!

Next, we have the Creepy Cockroach. We all know how much girls hate bugs, and this realistic cockroach prank will surely test her nerves. Get ready for some priceless reactions!

Want to leave a lasting impression? Try our Fake Lip Tattoo. Apply it to your neck or shirt and watch as she freaks out thinking you've permanently marked your body. The fireworks are bound to explode!

Now, here's a prank that will have her feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, until she reads the back. Our Fake Lottery Tickets are so convincing that she won't realize they're just a cruel joke until it's too late. The look of disappointment will be priceless!

What about turning her innocent drink into a solid? Our Gelling Joke prank is perfect for that. Simply pour a portion into her drink when she's not looking, and within seconds, it'll transform from liquid to solid. Her confusion will be too funny to handle!

For some harmless fun, we have the Goofy String prank. Spray it all over her and watch as she tries to clean up the colorful mess. It's easily removable, so no hard feelings afterward.

If you want to induce some serious squirms, try our Instant Worm prank. Drop a few worms into her drink and watch as they magically grow. It's the perfect mixture of creepy and disgusting!

Looking for a classic prank? The Snake In A Can will do the trick. It looks like a regular can of nuts, but when she opens it, a rubber snake jumps out, giving her the scare of her life. It never gets old!

Let's not forget about our Squirt Toilet Seat prank, guaranteed to catch her off guard. Simply attach it to the toilet seat, and when she sits down, she'll be in for a surprise squirt. It's the ultimate bathroom prank!

Last but not least, we have the Stink Perfume and Smelly Feet Treats. Both pranks are self-explanatory and will leave a lasting impression of disgust. These are not for the faint of heart!