Tease Your Sister Prank Kit

$ 18.95

Tired of all the attention your sister gets? Are you ready to turn the tables and give her a taste of her own medicine? Look no further than the Tease Your Sister Prank Kit - the ultimate tool to prank and tease your sister like never before. Get ready to have a blast and leave her wondering what hit her!

The Kit includes:

1. Bagel Surprise: Leave her baffled with this sneaky prank. Just place the bagel surprise on her breakfast plate, and watch her reaction as she discovers what's inside!

2. Fake Dog Poop (aka Caca): Take the gross factor up a notch with this realistic-looking fake dog poop. Leave it in her room or on her favorite chair for a hilarious and unforgettable surprise.

3. Cockroach Chewing Gum: Watch her squirm and jump as she unsuspectingly chews on this gum, only to find a realistic-looking cockroach inside. It's guaranteed to give her a good scare!

4. Creepy Cockroach: Step up the creepiness with this lifelike cockroach. Place it strategically in her belongings, and watch her scream in terror as she comes across this unexpected visitor.

5. Fart Powder: Prank her with the ultimate stinky surprise! Sprinkle some fart powder on her clothes or bedding, and delight in her reaction as she wonders where that unpleasant smell is coming from.

6. Jumping Candy: Trick her into thinking she's about to enjoy a delicious candy treat, only to have it spring up and startle her. It's a classic prank that never fails to entertain.

7. Rattlesnake Eggs: Beware of these rattlesnake eggs! Leave them near her favorite belongings and wait for the big jump scare when she opens the package.

8. Rubber Mouse: Give her a run for her money with this realistic rubber mouse. Place it in her shoe or under her pillow, and get ready for screams of surprise.

9. Pet Puke: Add a touch of grossness to her bedroom with Pet Puke prank. Watch her leap off the bed when she discovers this realistic looking vomit.