The Ultimate Fart Prank Kit

$ 29.95

Introducing the Ultimate Fart Prank Kit - The Perfect Package for Endless Laughter and Disgust! Prepare for an epic level of entertainment as you lay the groundwork for some unforgettable moments. Our carefully curated kit guarantees that they will never see it coming, but they will definitely hear it and smell it!

So, what's included in this laugh-inducing bundle? Let us fill you in on the gut-busting contents:

1. Fart Machine No. 2: Experience the power of a perfectly timed fart sound that will fool even the most astute listeners. With a variety of realistic fart noises to choose from, you'll be able to orchestrate hilarious pranks without ever lifting a cheek.

2. Liquid ASS: Brace yourself for the ultimate olfactory assault with this potent liquid stench. Just a few sprays of this concentrated nastiness will leave an indelible mark on any room, ensuring that the prank war is taken to a whole new level.

3. Stink Bombs: Are you ready to witness an explosion of putrid odor? Our stink bombs are designed to create an unbearable stench, making unsuspecting victims flee in horror. Simply activate the bomb, place it discreetly, and get ready to watch the chaos unfold!

4. Fart Bombs (Set of 3): These small, yet mighty, fart bombs are the perfect addition to your mischievous arsenal. Bursting with noxious gas upon impact, they are guaranteed to deliver loud and smelly surprises everywhere they go.