Travel Prank Kit

$ 17.95

Are you tired of dull and monotonous business trips? At One Stop Fun Shop, we understand the importance of injecting excitement and laughter into your corporate travels. That's why we proudly present our Travel Prank Kit, a collection of hilarious and mischievous pranks that will bring joy and entertainment to your next trip.

What's included in our Travel Prank Kit, you ask? Allow us to take you through the delightful contents:

1. No Tear Toilet Paper: Watch as your colleagues struggle with what appears to be never-ending, indestructible toilet paper. The perfect harmless prank that spices up any bathroom break.

2. Dirty Face Soap: Replace your business partner's regular soap with our specially formulated soap that leaves a harmless dirt-like residue. Their reaction will be priceless!

3. Cigarette Burn: Fool your fellow travelers with this realistic-looking cigarette burn prank. Place it strategically on their clothing or belongings for an amusing surprise.

4. Bar Bug: Give your companions a creepy-crawly shock with our lifelike bar bug. Sneak it into their drink or onto their plate and watch their startled expression.

5. Fake Poop: Our remarkably realistic fake poop will have everyone questioning their surroundings. Place it strategically and observe the chaos that ensues.

6. Fake Rubber Mouse: Add a touch of panic to any room by strategically placing our lifelike rubber mouse. Their shrieks of surprise will become the stuff of office legend.

7. Squirt Toilet Seat: This cheeky prank will leave your colleagues with an unexpected splash. Watch as they grapple with a drenched surprise on the toilet seat.

8. Stink Perfume: With just a spray, unleash a pungent odor that will leave everyone bewildered. Our stink perfume is the ultimate prank to infuse hilarity into any space.

9. Creepy Cockroach: Crawl your way into the hearts of your coworkers with our lifelike cockroach prank. Place it strategically and watch them jump out of their shoes.