Thumb Tip with Silk + Booklet

$ 9.95

Introducing the incredible Magic Thumb Tip with Silk and accompanying booklet! This amazing magic accessory allows you to produce a silk out of thin air, and just as effortlessly, make it vanish before your audience's eyes. Perfect for both experienced magicians and beginners alike, this must-have trick will leave your spectators in awe of your magical abilities. The Magic Thumb Tip with Silk set includes everything you need to perform this mind-boggling illusion. You'll receive the high-quality thumb tip, which is expertly designed to be seamlessly hidden during your performance. Along with the thumb tip, you'll also receive a silk, adding an extra level of visual appeal to your trick. And to ensure you're equipped with all the tricks of the trade, included in this set is the 101 Thumb Top Secret Trick Book, packed with invaluable techniques and routines to enhance your magic repertoire.